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Clothing Rack SALEM


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SALEM breathes meditative serenity. A base of ancient oak possessing exciting provenance and patina. A rounded frame of unwrought tubular steel, embellished with two usefully beautiful coat hooks. Designer coat stand resting on steel feet. Unique artistry in two versions.

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  • Collection The Compagnons de Vie interior design collection is art. Soulful, one-of-a-kind furniture with fascinating stories, surprising material synergies, mesmerizing textures. Merging the tattered and contemporary into timelessly modern divas and dandies in the room.
  • Product description Coat stand SALEM, handmade in Germany, is utility art; perfectly combining form, function and a sense of freedom. Its cosmopolitan design is serenely light-footed, given the weighty, load-bearing materials of oak, steel and cast iron.
  • Colors Tubular steel frame: night sky black
    Oak boards: mottled fawn brown
    Tubular connector: Mars red
    Coat hooks: Mars red
  • Materials Solid, original oak board from an age-old monk’s bed, cleaned dewormed and oiled. Frame constructed of untreated deep black shiny tubular steel. Oxidized tubular connectors, cast iron feet and coat hooks.
  • Dimensions Slim Version. Dimensions: 112 cm W x 167 cm H x 35 cm D, Weight: 24 kg
    Wide Version. Dimensions: 135 cm W x 157 cm H x 37 cm D, Weight: 30 kg
  • Special Details You will receive your unique designer coat stand fully assembled ready for use. Both SALEM versions come with easy-care, bio-sealed wood and metal surfaces. Upon request from the artist, SALEM can be exclusively adapted to individual formats. Additional handmade metal coat hooks can be ordered in the store.
  • Availability Only one authenticity-certified piece of each SALEM Slim Version and SALEM Wide Version.
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